Small pets and animals for sale in Idaho Falls, ID

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Curly and Moe came from the Idaho Falls area in March 2016. They are sweet, gentle, and fairly clean. They would make cute house companions.
Shawn, Sally, and Steve are bigger bunnies that came from a college dump site and haven't had the opportunity to interact with people much. They would love some room to run and play.
Gloria and Mars are active bunnies always trying to find a way to get more room out of their pen. They have been with us since summer 2016 and are anxious to find a bigger home to stretch their legs in.
Edwin is a gentle, shy bunny who doesn't mind being cuddled. He came to the rescue July 2016 and is ready for someone to take him home.
Larry and Pablo are a fun duo that always want to know what is going on around them. They came from the Idaho Falls area at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016 and liked each other immediately. They have seen all that they can see with us and are ready to move on to and different surrounds.
Caden and Braden are twins that came to us in July 2016. They are 1 of our more docile pairs and can often be found sitting quietly together. They haven't been handled much and will need time to adjust to you.
Benjamin is a lovely black lionhead. Unfortunately, he was abused and will bite if he feels afraid. Those who treat him gently, though, have found he is a very precious, loving rabbit. Jenga is as precious as they come. Together they have a lot of personality.
Emily has been with us since 2016. She had a partner but recently decide to dissolve that bond and is a little sad and lonely now. She would like someone who is willing to give her space, but also love.
This is what Pepper s foster mom says about her: She is supper wonderful and very curious. She will nose us and crawl across my back when cleaning her cage. She will walk across laps but she doesn't want grabbed or picked up or held. She gets super scared and grunts when you corner her to pick her up. If she is wrapped up she is better. Bundled in a towel with her head out she feels more secure...
Judy came to us in June 2017. She is a curious, friendly rabbit.
Susan came to us through several people trying to help her find a nice home. Her babies were taken away too young and she had been urinated on by other rabbits. She is now feeling more secure her environment and enjoys being petted and loved.
Marvin was picked up running around a neighborhood in June 2017. He is friendly and very active. He would do well with someone who can brush him regularly.
Skittles is a larger rabbit with a lot of personality. He is very friendly and loves his outside time. He spent some time in a middle school and did really well with the kids and noise. We feel he has the personality to make a adorable therapy animal. His foster family said they love to watch him play outside because he is so happy. Do you have room for this gentle giant?
Jax is the alpha male in his pen group. He likes people but would need to be introduced to other rabbits slowly.
Henry is a strong male looking for someone to care for him. He is friendly, but likes to be cuddled on his terms. He is neutered and ready to be adopted.
Podre' is a fun little guy who gets along with most everyone. He has seen the veterinarian and is ready for a home.
Phillip looks brown when you 1st see him, but when he moves you will see an array of colors. Phillip was fostered in a home with cats and is use to having other rabbits around. He does well as a single bunny but he may be open to a female friend.
Skippy is 1 of our lovely young woman. She has a white coat with light gray markings and is a happy, social rabbit. She enjoys people and gets along with other rabbits. Are you ready to give this lovely girl a home?
Renee is a spunky young girl who is easy to handle. She loves to play but will cuddle without hesitation. Is she the right rabbit for you?
This wonderful bunny was found in a yard in Fruitland, ID with his back legs paralyzed. The family who found him took him to the veterinarian and lovingly cared for him until he is now healthy and jumping again. He is ready for a permanent home. He is neutered. If you are interested in this rabbit, please let us know and we will get you in contact with the foster.
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