My friend just moved here from another state she came with just her cloths . shes starting all over has nothing . she needs liens for a queen size bed . towels , kitchen items . everything and anything would help her out .a coffee maker . spoons , forks and knives . anything would help her at this time .
ISO Oscar the Grouch Fabric and also Fabric with books on it. I just need a small piece of either one. So if anyone has any scraps with either of these I would appreciate it. Anything 4.5 inches x 6 inches or smaller I can use on my project. Thanks!
My ward is collecting donations to make blankets for Idaho's Foster Kids! We need Fleece and yarn. Any businesses that would like to donate will be given recognition. Or persons donating largely. Can pick up. You can text me at 208 7eight9 88four3 Thanks!
We are starting out with a new start in life with the little we have so any thing we can get he'll with would be very much appreciated. Thank you
I am looking for some beads and charms for jewelry making.
I have inherited a group of 1/4" tapes but have nothing to play them on. I would be happy to merely borrow a recorder, or have one permanently. Thanks!
Looking for variety of plants for bare landscape, and soil for garden.
My chiropractor told me to help rehab my torn meniscus that I should be riding a bike every day. Well, I bought a bike but I have almost been hit 5 times now by texting drivers in my neighborhood. I have also had to deal with people yelling stupid things at me and I give up. I just want an indoor bike so I can rehab my knee. I would prefer not to have the recling ones but I also just want to ge...
I'm trying to find a piece of furniture to repurpose as a doll house. I'm looking for something 2 to 4 feet high and 2 to 5 feet wide. I'll be fine if it has faded colors, shelves, drawers, etc. If you have anything you think would work and are willing to part with it, please let me know.
Best prices for your antlers here! Call 847 366 8689 / 208 522 1462
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