Pig feed

13 dollars for a 100 pounds every were one else sells it for 17 can sell in toats or 150 pound bags or 50 pound bags or by semi or trailer loads its all baged and ready the feed is 80percent wheat 15percent soybean mill and 5 percent oil and minerals to slick the the pick up a little give me a call I can chop any kind of custome feed and in bulk its much cheaper
4H Show Pigs. Barrows and Gilts available. High quality genetics. Litters birth-dates ranging from 10th of January through end of February. Give me a call and come take a look.
2 options to buy hanging weight head and guts removed of $2.00lb or $300 walking. Buyer pays all butching cost.Born Nov 2017 she is ready for breeding or to feed your family with great tasting pork.Mangalitsa is known as the kobe beef of pork. The meat has fat marbled through it like beef.She has a good temperament but is more skittish then some of our other pigs. She has been around kids and o...
If you love animals and would like to join us, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us form Idahos first farm animal sanctuary. We need legal and administrative help and volunteers to help with distribution of flyers, the caring of rescues and the building and maintenance of shelters. We will match your duties according to your skill. If you have experience in the process of formi...
Older sow ready for a new home or butcher. She is aggressive. I have a spot at Matts meat at the end of the month if you want her sent to the butcher. You will be responsible for the butcher cost. $350 must be paid before she is sent to the butcher.Pig, hog, sow
Solid Welded ConstructionTired of filling the water every day Tired of your animals tipping the water over two minutes after you fill it Tired of your animals playing, bathing, pooping, etc. in their water all the time Tired of cleaning out bugs and debris Tired of chipping ice We were too until we started using these.We have used these waterers with great success for our pigs. We have also use...
We have ten piglets born on February 25th. These are a large breed of pig. They would be great for 4H. Piglets are $125 each and will be ready to go around March 25th. Call early if you want an intact male.