Free black upholstered loveseat, in Pocatello, left arm scratched a lot by cat. including 2 throw pillowsthey got sunbleached in the window, to use the fabric to cover that corner. In Pocatello, you haul, fcfs, no holdssaves, want gone asap. txt 390-589seven with inquiries, emails will not be answered.
Chico key fit 30 expirations as followsBase September 2018Seat October 2018Never been in an accident. Obviously not ideal to use an expired seat for the ones which are expired but much better than nothing at all I would think. Use at your own risk. I never had any issue with them but take no liability if something is wrong with them since they have expired. Hoping someone can get use out of them.
Both pieces are solid wood. Bring helpers to carry they are heavy. BenchMartha Stewart Living Solutions Silhouette Bench18H x 39.25W x 17DHas scratchingConsole35H x48Wx20DHas intentional distressing and cracksLocated in Pocatello. Calltext only.
His name is sheriff, comes with toys bowls and food, no litter box or litter. He loves lazy days and is very relaxed. Text me for more info.
Futon couch. Folds flat into a bed. Has a tear on the upholstery on the Bach but could be stitched if you want.
This couch is still in pretty good condition. It is relatively comfortable but it does have a tendency to eat remotes and small children. :-) Other than that it is a prefectly good couch!
This table has seen some love. It doesn't look that great but would be great for a craft table or something of that nature. It is a little wobbly but works well.
We removed this dishwasher from our house we just moved into. Does not have a rack and something doesnt work we were told, but unsure what. It was wired in so we had to cut the wire to get it out. Perhaps someone handy can fix it and save it from the landfill or use it for parts. It has been stored outside under a tarp for a couple weeks now. Let me know if youd like to come pick it up 717eight...
Free breast pump. I would love to have this go to a momma in need. It has some staining but all accessories are brand new. Comes with nutramagen and emfamil formula sles.
The right arm cushion comes off, the left seat has a spring poking up the middle of it, and you have to push pretty hard to get the foot rests back down. Free if you can haul it out.